SCOS 'Special Events' Fund

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SCOS 'Special Events' Fund

Postby Jo Brewis » Thu Jun 16, 2011 6:27 pm

A reminder of the SCOS 'Special Events' Fund and associated deadlines

Once again, the SCOS Board is delighted to invite new proposals from members for the funding of special academic events, such as symposia or workshops. Following awards made in May and November 2009, and May 2010, members are encouraged to apply for awards of up to a maximum of £1000 each. Please also note that applications will only be accepted from SCOS members.

Applications must be for events that run between 1st June 2011 and 31st May 2013 - the deadline for which is 11th April 2011 - OR for events that run between 1st December 2011 and 30th November 2013 - the deadline for which is the 17th October 2011.

The details required for application are as follows:

    Organizers of event (names and contact details, institutional affiliation/s)
    Host institution and/ or location of event (if different)
    Date/s of event
    Description of event including number of participants, theme, whether it is intended for a specific audience (eg doctoral students, early career researchers etc.)
    Amount sought and reasons for seeking SCOS funding (ie, what will the money be used for?)
    Details of any other funding that has already been secured and/ or applied for, or details of why funding from other sources is not available
    Explicit indication as to how the funding sought will benefit SCOS in terms of encouraging attendance from doctoral students, early career researchers and those from locations less well represented in our existing network, so as potentially to enlarge our membership in future
    An indication of how the event relates to the intellectual activities of SCOS, especially in terms of our recent or forthcoming conference themes

Applications should be no more than 500 words long. The Board will only consider one application per event.

Please send applications to me by e-mail, at Any queries can also be sent to this address. Applications will be considered at the SCOS board meetings in May 2011 and November 2011. Once again, the deadline for application for the May meeting is 11th April 2011 and the deadline for the November meeting is 17th October 2011.

Applicants will be informed of the results within two weeks of each meeting, unless further details are required by the Board in order to reach a final decision. Successful applicants will also receive SCOS promotional material to use in paperwork relating to the event and for distribution at the event itself. They will, further, be asked to write a short article for Notework reviewing the event.

The criteria that we will use for judging applications are as follows:

    The extent to which the event echoes the SCOS intellectual ethos: a critical and reflexive interest in the interlinked issues of organizational symbolism, culture and change, articulated in the broadest possible sense and informed by our commitment to unusual, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary understandings of organization and management explored where appropriate via innovative, qualitative research methodologies. We will also, as suggested, consider the ways in which the proposed event speaks specifically to our current intellectual activities as represented by recent and future conference themes. Please note that we are much more likely to fund events which conventional sources such as the UK ESRC or the EU would not fund - simply put, the more original, innovative and downright out there your event is, the better J.

    We are committed to providing a continual source of enthusiasm, support and inspiration for everyone who attends SCOS conferences and associated events, according to our motto of 'serious fun'. Applications should therefore speak to the ways in which the relevant event will be inclusive, collegial and supportive, especially of younger researchers and those from locations less well represented in our existing network. Relatedly, we will assess the extent to which the funds required will be used to maximize attendance, so as to potentially enlarge SCOS membership. As such it is advised that applications are specific about how the funding will maximize attendance, and do not request funds for aspects of the event (lunch, tea, coffee, established academics' expenses etc.) that don't speak directly to this issue.

    Genuine financial need: events which are already well supported by institutional or other sources of funding, or where other sources of funding have seemingly not been exhausted, will in all likelihood not receive SCOS special events funding.

Applications will obviously be compared to each other and the most deserving according to these criteria will attract funds.
I look forward very much to receiving your applications.

Warmest wishes,

Jo Brewis
SCOS Chair

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