Promoting Commons Presents and Futures Symposium

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Promoting Commons Presents and Futures Symposium

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Promoting Commons Presents and Futures Symposium
Centre for Commons Organising, Values Equalities and Resilience
Friday February 17th @ 9AM-5:30PM
University of Essex, Room: NTC.3.02 ... -symposium


This is a one-day symposium event to showcase COVER’s research and its impact on developing a more inclusive and egalitarian education and economy. The event will be structured across a series of presentations and discussions aiming to bring together multiple stakeholders from across disciplines, areas of practice and geographies to discuss how COVER’s work can influence education and economic policy.

Including presentations and discussion with Peter Bloom, George Kokkinidis, Lorenzo Novaro, Effie Amanatidou, Phoebe Moore, Robert Donoghue, Janine Berg, Ekkehard Ernst, Tiziana Terranova, Didi Han, and Massimo de Angelis.

If you wish to attend in person please register by emailing

The themes for this event are previewed in an episode 9 of the Minor Compositions podcast ( ... mpositions), which is a discussion with Tiziana Terranova about her recently released book After the Internet: Digital Networks between Capital and the Common. We cover a range off topics including the shift from the internet as open network to the rise of corporate platforms, the psycho-pathologies of digital culture, and capitalism’s need to continually impose scarcity whenever new forms of social cooperation and commoning threaten its dominance
over social life. What are the possibilities today for using digital tools to build new forms of commons both inside and against, and outside of the walled gardens of the corporate platform complex?