2024 Gender Conference - Intersectionality

Call for conference papers

2024 Gender Conference - Intersectionality

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The Association for Gender Research in Denmark and Copenhagen Business School are pleased to announce the 2024 Gender Conference, a scholarly forum dedicated to the exploration of research on gender. This year the main theme is ‘intersectionality’.

When: 4-6 September 2024
Where: Copenhagen Business School

We invite contributions in a variety of formats from engaged researchers, practitioners, and artists across a wide spectrum of disciplines. We invite submissions in either Danish or English in the following categories:

💡 Research paper track: Short papers (max 1500 words). The submission of a full paper ahead of the conference is optional.

💡 Idea / early work track: Outlines for research, practice or artistic projects at various stages of development, something you want to explore and brainstorm with others. Submit a 1 page description / max 1000 words.

💡 Teaching track: Share your experiences, innovative pedagogical approaches and didactic materials in teaching gender and intersectionality. Submit a 1 page description / max 1000 words.

💡 Workshops/Panels: Creative and/or interactive sessions,centred on a specific topic/theme/issue. Submit a 1 page description (max 1000 words) including convenors, potential participants, workshop objectives, timeline for the session (max 1,5 hour), max number of participants if relevant, etc. Workshops can be initiated by researchers, practitioners, and artists.

💡 Performances: Submit a 1 page description (max 1000 words)including e.g., materials, space, duration, and max number of participants. Open for both plenary and smaller formats (max 1,5 hour).

💡 Book presentations: Submit a 1 page description (max 1000words) including the abstract of the book and your ideas of how to present/discuss it (readings, presentations, discussions, visual presentations, etc.).

SUBMIT YOUR IDEAS HERE 👉 https://www.tilmeld.dk/dgc/submission

Submission Deadline for all tracks: 1 April 2024
Full Paper Deadline (optional): 1 August 2024

We eagerly anticipate your submissions and look forward to the creation of a vibrant and inclusive space for the exploration of gender and intersectionality in 2024.

💕 from the organizers: Flora Antoniazzi, Claudia Eger, Ece Gürsoy, Mist Hrannarsdóttir, Dr.Poornima Luthra (She/ Her), Sara Louise Muhr, Ana María Munar, Minna Paunova, Jacobo Ramirez, KaiInga Liehr Storm, Florence Villesèche, Marie Wengler, PhD Fellow

Sara Louise Muhr, PhD (she/her)
Professor of Diversity & Leadership
Copenhagen Business School
Department of Organization

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