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Organization Studies-Volume: 41, Number:1 (January 2020)

Posted: Fri Jan 17, 2020 4:58 pm
by Organisation Studies
Organization Studies-Volume: 41, Number:1 (January 2020)
Special Issue: Spirituality, Symbolism and Storytelling

Spirituality, Symbolism and Storytelling in Twentyfirst-Century Organizations: Understanding and addressing the crisis of imagination Marianna Fotaki, Yochanan Altman, and Juliette Koning

Assange vs Zuckerberg: Symbolic Construction of Contemporary Cultural Heroes Antonio Blanco-Gracia

Performing a Myth to Make a Market: The construction of the ‘magical world’ of Santa Teea Palo, Katy Mason, and Philip Roscoe

Spirituality and Entrepreneurship: The Role of Magical Thinking in Future-Oriented Sensemaking Max Ganzin, Gazi Islam, and Roy Suddaby

Recycling Stories: Mantras, Communication, and Organizational Materialization Boris H. J. M. Brummans, Jennie M. Hwang, and Pauline Hope Cheong

Weak Theology and Organization Studies Ghislain Deslandes